Yarta Purtli

Symphonie of the Bicycle

Lea Memorial Theatre

Get ready to go on a tour separated by decades with Symphonie of the Bicycle. Written by and starring Hew Parham, this gem of a show weaves together a series of outrageous characters and stories across time and space in an absurdly hysterical, yet ultimately moving portrait of the quest for glory and heroism. Life […]


Lea Memorial Theatre

From the top of a Burrawang tree to a stage near you.Once the top of a Burrawang tree fell to the ground. Then the grassy top began to change. It became Grug!Stunning design and beautiful live puppetry combine to bring Ted Prior’s iconic picture book character to the stage in a smash-hit production that sees […]

Nancy Bates: Still Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

Lea Memorial Theatre

Barkindji woman, and esteemed singer-songwriter, Nancy Bates reflects on the songs of African-American singer Tracy Chapman, and their relevance to race relations, society, and politics in Australia today. Through eloquent storytelling and sharp wit, Nancy shares with the audience her hope and her pain, delivering a ‘call to action’ that is impossible to ignore.In this […]