Yarta Purtli


Step into a realm where knights don their armor, and maidens don their finery; where the echoes of clashing swords and the thundering hooves of noble steeds fill the air.

The inaugural Port Augusta Desert Knights Medieval Fantasy Festival, is set to enchant on the 5th and 6th of October 2024 at the Port Augusta Racecourse.

Open from 10AM to 4PM the event promises to transport attendees to a world straight out of the Middle Ages. Embark on a journey through time as the town welcomes its first-ever medieval festival. From bustling medieval markets offering exotic wares to thrilling displays of Buhurt combat, where warriors clash in spectacular fashion, and jousting tournaments that will leave spectators breathless, there's an adventure awaiting all who dare to partake.

Port Augusta will become a playground for knights, kings, and jesters alike, where the spirit of chivalry and camaraderie reign supreme. Don your finest attire and prepare for a weekend of enchantment and wonderment at the Port Augusta Desert Knights Medieval Fantasy Festival.


Tickets can be purchased prior to the event and on the day. Please note that tickets purchased prior to the event will be a reduced cost than the entrance door sales.

  • Ticket purchases will be available soon.

Weapons & Decoration Guidelines

To keep the event safe and fun for everyone, anybody bringing/ buying weapons at the festival will need to comply with the guidelines provided in the documents below.

  • Decoration Guide coming soon


The Desert Knights Medieval Fantasy Festival will be taking place at the Port Augusta Racecourse (207 Racecourse Rd, Port Augusta SA 5700).

  • Venue Map Coming Soon


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Get Involved

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